Review of Supernova Online Casino Slot

The Supernova video slot machine has a screen that is somewhat different. There is a slightly larger set of three reels to the left and two smaller reels on the right. Somewhere between a 3-reel slot and a 5-reel slot, the 2 reels on the right act as multipliers for wins on the three reels on the left. Multipliers up to 10x the bet value are available.

Theme-wise, Supernova is about planets going Supernova along with other galactic icons like Worm Holes and Helixes. The graphics are excellent.

Betting Range and Multipliers

Supernova video slot is played on two reel panels and the betting levels range from 0.25 to 50 coins. The first set of three reels with its science-themed symbols utilises all 27 pay lines. There are just six different symbols, which are representations of atoms and burning suns in three different colours each, so players are in with an excellent chance of hitting a winning combination. And if players wish to further nudge the odds in your favour, the spin button is enabled in order to stop the reels early if it is felt that this will positively benefit the player and enhance their winning capabilities.

Scoring a win on the main three reels causes the two multiplier reels to spin. The win is increased by the multiplier shown in the middle position of the 1st reel. If the second multiplier reel also shows a multiplier, then the win is multiplied again.

Starting the Supernova Slots Game

The first part of the Supernova slot game is played on a 3×3 panel, 5 reels start spinning each time you hit the button. If a winning combination is struck, the 4th reel will keep spinning to determine the multiplier. With some luck, the win will be multiplied by 2, 3, 5 or even 10 immediately. The 5th reel promises even bigger pay outs, as it will determine a further multiplier for the particular win.

In an example, a 50 coin win on the main three reels causes the two side reels to spin. If the first multiplier reel comes up with a 5x figure, then the winnings are multiplied thus; 50 x 5 equals 250 coins. However, if the second multiplier reel comes up with, for instance, a 10x figure, then the final win is 250 x 10 or 2500 coins.

Wilds and Winnings

Supernova takes the classic three reel slot game to a new level like some pokies at A direct and understandable way of winning at slots play, and making the most of bonus features on a simple three reel slot machine. Officially, then, Supernova is a three reel sot game with 27 paylines and a winnings multiplier of up to 100 times.

The Wild symbol substitutes for all but multiplier symbols in creating winning combinations. With its two multiplier reels, Supernova slot machine has its most special feature integrated right into the main game. To make sure players get the most out of this addition, the Wild symbol on the first 3 reels can assist with achieving more winning combinations more often.