Hamilton Online Slot from Betsoft Developers in Review

Karl Hamilton is a Swedish special agent on a secret mission playing out on the border between the regions of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. He is intent on penetrating the shadowy world ruled by the Russian mafia, whose members have stolen GPS-controlled ultramodern shells from a Swedish arms depot. At the point where his mission has almost been successfully completed he and his team are attacked by dangerous strangers, and everyone he is working with is killed. The rockets are gone, his team has been decimated, and so his adventures must continue.

Hamilton is not based on any events happening in these areas at the moment, or even on a long-forgotten television show, but takes for its theme a Swedish action film by the name of Nationens Intress.

General Description of Hamilton Slots

Hamilton slots has five reels and 25 paylines available for play, the quantity of which can be changed by the player at his or her discretion. There are also bonus rounds, free spins, extra multipliers and special symbols for the player to take advantage of.

Casino bets can range in value from one to five coins from 0.2 to 0.5 per line, with a consequent maximum bet of 62.5 available.

Winning combinations are formed with two or three of the same symbols situated alongside one another on an active payline, beginning at the first reel on the left-hand side of the screen. The payoff will depend on the stake per line multiplied by the combination index, and stands at a maximum of 7500 coins.

Symbols for Hamilton Online Slots

Animated symbols will feature scenes from the Swedish movie, and there are three special symbols for players to take advantage of, namely the wild, scatter and bonus.

The wild symbol will form winning combinations according to the general rules for the game, and is able to stand in for all other symbols except for the scatter.

The scatter symbol will pay out independently of active lines, and two will multiply wins by two, three scatters will multiply wins by four, four will multiply bets by 25 and five by as much as 100. Three or more of these scatter symbols will also allow the player to trigger ten free spins.

The bonus symbols for Hamilton will trigger the bonus round, and at least three of these are required in order for this part of the game to begin.

Bonus Games for Hamilton Slots

Players will be taken to a different screen for the bonus round of Hamilton slots and will be presented with a world map here. Players will then need to hunt for hidden rockets, choosing cities from the map at random in order to do so. The more rockets that are successfully located, the higher the total payout for this part of the game, and this is calculated by the total amount bet.

BetSoft’s Hamilton online slots presents well-designed 3D graphics, a good array of gaming functions for players to take advantage of, and high payoff indexes.