Learn More About House Edge

The house edge is a term used to define the casinos standard advantage in all games. Sometimes this is deemed as Return To Player like in slots, however, even with a different term this can still be classified as a house edge. In the blow we will look into explaining what the house edge is and why it exists in the first place.

Why Have A House Edge?

A casino, online and physical location, is a business. For any business to stay relevant, they need to make a reliable and consistent income. A house edge is the income a casino makes. In every casino game there will be a small but definite margin with which the casino will have an advantage.

While with table games the margin is usually somewhat consistent throughout different casinos, the margin can greatly vary when it comes to none consistent games, like slots. While some people would deem this an unfair advantage, it is the only thing paying for the tables at which we play and the people operating it all.

Using The House Edge

The great thing about the house edge is that it is usually made clear to the players when playing and if not, it is usually very easy to work out. This is to the players advantage, it means that we automatically know which games we will have higher potential of walking away profitable and which not, a clear guide on where and what to play in order to come out on the winning end.

While there is always an aspect of luck, a certain amount of skill with a good house edge can help anybody walk away a winner. If you are intent on winning, be sure to know the house edge before playing.

Game Comparison

A list of some of the more popular casino games we all love and the usual house edge supplied. Do check at your casino of choosing as the house edge can deviate from the norm.

  • Baccarat 1.01% – 15.75% This house edge is mostly found in form of the Banker commission. Baccarat is one of the more varying games out there when it comes to the edge so be sure to know your table.
  • Blackjack 0.5% https://onlinegamblingcasino.co.nz/online-blackjack/ offers one of the best house edges available to players and is a great choice for anybody interested in making some money.
  • Craps 0% – 20% Depending on the type of Craps you are playing, the house edge can deviate dramatically. However, it is possible to have a Craps game with zero house edge, it is rare and should be played wisely when you have this opportunity.
  • Poker 0.46% – 5% Poker is another great choice for any gambler intent on making money as Poker relies on skill more than luck, It is said that with the right strategy it is very possible to consistently overcome the house edge in poker, although this surely comes with a lot of practice as majority of gamblers have not been able to consistently beat the house edge.