Checking out the Features of Crusade Of Fortune Slot Online

Features Of Crusade of Fortune Slot Online

Players are invited to enter a world of fantasy and adventure, packed with expertly rendered storybook creatures; terrible beasts; uncompromising heroes and a large dose of the magical when playing the Crusade Of Fortune online video slots game from Net Entertainment. It is a five-reel game that has 20 paylines available for play, and will definitely appeal to players who enjoy fantasy films; games and books, and may well convert those players who have never explored this genre. There are extra features available in the form of free spins and an exciting bonus game in place as well.

Theme for Crusade Of Fortune Online Casino Slots

There are very barely audible background sounds during play that will transport players to scenes from their favourite fantasy films: there are sounds of animals grunting and snorting; the wind is blowing, and crickets chirp shrilly. There are trumpet sounds and the clash of swords to be heard whenever a winning combination of symbols is formed, alerting the player at once to the wins he or she has managed to accrue. The columns for Crusade Of Fortune spin very rapidly, and seem to be a blur of orange flames set against the crimson background. The reels have a metal-hue, with clusters of skulls with blinking red eyes appearing at the corners of the frame and lamps dangling down on either side of the board.

The symbols for Crusade Of Fortune are all very colourful, highly-detailed depictions of a variety of mythical creatures, including elves; witch hunters and goblins, along with the tools these characters would employ in their day-to-day lives: an oversized shield; a dwarf shield and a war hammer. The wild symbol for the game is that of a wizard, and the scatter a hammer-wielding dwarf. The bonus symbol for the game is an Orc.

Online Slot Crusade Of Fortune Image

Features for Net Entertainment’s Crusade Of Fortune

Crusade Of Fortune online slots has a concentration on visual details, and how true the designers have remained to the genre is an impressive feat. Along with the opportunities granted by the Orc Tower bonus game, players are able to increase their winnings by means of the dwarf scatter symbol as well: if it lands two; three; four or five times on one screen, players will be able to take advantage of between ten and 30 free spins, all presented along with a multiplier of three. The wizard wild symbol is able to offer the highest single payout for Crusade Of Fortune, and will grant the 5 000 coin jackpot to any player who manages to land five of these.

Crusade Of Fortune Available for Many Devices

Like the best pokies, Net Entertainment’s Crusade Of Fortune slots game can be played by means of a number of different devices, and players will never have to put the game down if they do not wish to. Mac; Linux and Windows laptops and desktop computers can be made use of, and those who prefer to gamble on the go may do so by means of a good array of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.