Will Smart Watch Casinos Succeed?

Technology has come an incredible way since the first mobile phones were made available to a point where we now have the full capability of a computer tied to our wrist in the form of a smart watch. While online and mobile casinos have seen incredible success in the last few years, I believe that smart watch casinos have a larger uphill climb in order to be successful. Below we will be discussing some of the hurdles, I believe, smart watch casinos will need to be overcome before rivalling the likes of mobile casinos.

Screen Real Estate

There is no getting around the fact that smart watches have small screens. Small screens mean a longer-lasting battery, less weight and more comfort for the user, which suits the exact roll of a watch extremely well. For online casinos, though? The screen real estate will prove to be an issue. While the size of the screen is generally fine for slot style games and other games which do not require a lot of information to be relayed or a lot of input from the player, in more complex games, the lack of space to define options will prove to be a large hindrance to the success of smart watch based online casinos as a whole.


Another standing issue with smart watches is performance. While appropriate hardware has been made to get incredible performance out of a small package, this all comes at a massive cost to battery life. As battery technology has not made any massive strides in the last few years, this has brought a situation where we are able to have a beautiful and smooth casino game like slots, which will only be playable for a few hours before battery life becomes an issue. This is one of the bigger constraints facing smart watches at the moment and will continue to be a restraint until we somehow improve battery technology in the future.


Another of the bigger challenges facing smart watch-based casinos is the connectivity. While standalone smart watches do exist, they face their own set of challenges to become relevant in the public eye. For the most port, current smart watches rely on connectivity to your phone to be able to perform any connection related function.

While this is great for reading a quick text or making a quick memo, why would a normal person use a smart watch-based game when they could just as easily and more conveniently play the same game on the phone which they must have in their pocket in order for the smart watch to work. Connectivity will remain an issue for smart watches until battery and screen technology improve enough for us to have a truly all-day devices.

Still Viable

Where I would love to see smart watches in mobile casinos is alongside mobile devices. More information or additional options to make the smart phone less cluttered would a great roll for smart watches until such a time when they overcome the current hurdles.