Reviewing Rockstar Online Slot for Internet Casino Fans

Rock n Roll is a really powerful and intense music genre that has, quite literally, rocked the world over for a good while now, and it’s easy to see why. Paying a certain homage to the rockers and the music itself is this Rockstar slot game from Betsoft that features a very oriented rock n roll styled theme. The layout and actually visual display of this slot game is definitely on the pleasing side of the spectrum, with the theme choice embedded into every aspect of the game, from the reels, symbols and backdrop all the way down to the buttons and bonus features. Definitely an all-round effort in the theme department for this online slot.

In the end though, a slot game is only really as good as the gameplay it contains, as this is ultimately the aspect of the game that persists when the gleam of the lights and graphics dim progressively. In Rockstar slot game players will find a set of 5 rocking reels, with a completely adjustable range of up to 30 pay lines for the players’ perusal. This is supported by a bet per line option that really does allow for a goodly range in the wagering department. On the side of bonuses this slot comes a rocking with multiplying Wilds and a couple of themed bonus games that can leave the players with some interesting prizes.

Rocking Out to the Theme Choice

When it comes to a vote on which is the best type of music, it’s rather hard to decide an outright winner, especially because for the most part the decision is one based in opinion. That being said, if it does come to that, it should be known that rock n roll performs very well as the theme to a real money and free play means no deposit online casino slot game. Demonstrated here by this Rockstar slot and the various thematic accouterments that have been included in the game by the developers Betsoft. Players will find the reels of this game surrounded by flashing, colourful lights and backed up by a rather rocking tune, whilst the various betting and spinning options adopt the forms of rock n roll instruments like guitars and drum sets.

On the face of the reels players will also find some rather descriptive and highly pertinent symbols to spin into combinations. For those fans of the music genre in question, a fair few of the faces included onto the reels of this Rockstar slot will be highly recognisable as some of the more influential artists involved in the deliverance of rock. There are also the various accoutrements that accompany such performers, some of which in the hands of mere mortals might be regarded as vices. Overall, a nice display.

The Rockstar Bonus Features of this Slot

The first of these bonuses to cover is the Wild multiplying symbols. There are two of these symbols, represented by different coloured CDs, which award a 2 and 5 times multiplier onto the winning combinations they help form. If both are present then the multiplier is bumped up to 10. There are also two bonus game features that are triggered by different symbols and allow players unique and themed opportunities to pick up a few additional prizes throughout the game. Overall this Rockstar slot from Betsoft boasts some pretty rocking features all-round.